“Don’t forget: Beautiful sunsets need cloudy skies.” – Paulo Coelho

Why do people love to watch the sun set? Like many of life’s mysteries, the best answers to questions like these may reside on the internet. After several searches, the answer was not to be found. There were answers to how sunsets make people feel, but nothing about why we like them.

Several sources, including a leading popular psychology magazine, lists ways people feel after watching a sunset. Studies have indicated a feeling of well-being and higher satisfaction. Many feel romantic, while others feel a connection to nature. Some feel beginnings, while others feel endings.

Did early humans stop to admire and ponder the setting sun? Or were they entrenched in survival mode, quickly venturing to find shelter and warmth before darkness enveloped, granting the larger animals cover for their nightly prowls?

Sitting on the sandy earth, I thought about what makes me like sunsets. It’s the day slowing down, the temperatures falling, the beach clearing out and the pace of the people walking at a slower pace. It’s the connection between the sun, clouds and water, as they converge into one.  It’s the musical sounds: the flowing gulf breeze creating a rhythm with the waves crashing to fill in the percussion section. The seagulls adding to the piece with their high pitched squawks, with occasional human voices ad libbing lines as they pass by. The musical arrangement does not always flow into beautiful song, but it works.

I then began to think about the way sunsets have made me feel or thoughts they brought to mind. The vivid and warm yellows and oranges definitely stirred emotions. At times, they made me feel relaxed while providing a sense of accomplishment. Almost always they delivered a sense of peace. Reminders to slow down and take a few deep breathes. Other days it was actively trying to get something done outside before the light disappeared. Some inspiring days, brought thoughts of relationships which sprouted along sunset coasts. Conversely, on reflective days, reminders of sunsets which were the last time I saw someone who had been an important part of my life. Quite a curious concoction of thoughts and emotions arose when the sun descended.

Why do we seem to only really enjoy sunsets when on vacation or on the occasional weekend? Like sunsets, there are so many natural nature happenings constantly going on around us, which we fail to notice. Take a moment to notice. Venture to be in the moment and watch the sunset tonight and tomorrow night, there are so many benefits.

Need a sunset now, click here for a “St Pete Beach Sunset Moment” video.

Find Your Venture!

Gary Gresham

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